This brand new, modern and minimalist architectural dream home is named "Los Hytta" (the home of the ship watchman or a look-out home.) It is located on the highest point of the island øyna Tromøy and on the very tip, jutting out into the ocean of the Oslo fjord and open seas to Denmark. The home is built on a historical site where the combination of nature, ocean and weather have transfixed people for generations.

Los Hytte has an unobstructed view of the beautiful coast towards the neighboring island “Lyngør” and “Mokkalasset” lighthouse to the Northeast. To the Southeast you see the large vast open ocean where ships rise and disappear into the sea horizon. Due South are the notorious waters of “Tromlingene” and Southern Tromøy Island. The gentle and protected waters towards “Tromøysundet” against Naeresøt are to the North.

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